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EFET and CEGH launch Biogas Certificates Standard Agreement

The European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) and the Central European Gas Hub announced the launch of the EFET CEGH Biogas Certificates Standard Agreement, a timely initiative that helps market participants achieve ambitious European targets for green gases. It sets the stage for efficient trading of biogas certificates under (EU law-based) national schemes.

The starting position for the design of the Biogas Certificates Trade Agreement was the trade of biogas certificates on the CEGH GreenGas Platform. Designed as a single trade agreement for Austria, the contract shows the potential to be used across key trading markets in the EU and for a variety of trade scenarios especially as relates to commodity flows.

“This initiative is a testament to the collaborative efforts of EFET and CEGH and is a joint response to the need to increase liquidity in the biogas market,” said Michaela Duve, Chair of the Legal Committee, at EFET. “I am excited to introduce the agreement, which will provide a solid foundation for the trading of biogas certificates. It will enhance the conclusion of trades and foster the creation of a level playing field between market participants.”

“In a decarbonised energy landscape, the future of the gas industry lies in the utilisation of biomethane and green hydrogen,” read the press release. “Through the establishment of the CEGH GreengasPlattform, CEGH has emerged as a pioneering provider of trading services for green gases, specifically biomethane. […] We are fully committed to shaping the future by emphasising the significance of standardisation and platform-based trading, as they play a crucial role in the development and growth of green gas markets.”

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