Thursday, October 29, 2020
Tags Sergey Rumas

Tag: Sergey Rumas

Russia agrees to Belarus’ terms for oil supply

Belarus and Russia agreed to restart oil supplies after months of negotiations after Russia accepted Belarus’ terms regarding the transit fees.
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Fleet of electric buses arrive in Georgia

Eight electric buses financed by the EBRD and the multi-donor E5P Fund have arrived in Batumi. They will improve the service for the city’s residents by increasing the reliability, safety and efficiency of public transport while benefiting the environment reducing emissions.

Commission gives green light to acquisition of Innogy’s Czech subsidiary by MVM Group

The European Commission has given green light to the acquisition of Innogy’s entire electricity and gas retail business in the Czech Republic by MVM Group, which aims to become the leading energy company in CEE.

A new campaign brings new impulses to the perception of energy savings in the Czech Republic

Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade launched the Smart Choice campaign, which aims to bring new impulses to the perception of energy savings, support active consumption management and thus contribute to better energy use.

Latvia believes natural gas and biomethane to play a crucial role in freight and passenger transport

Natural gas and biomethane will play a significant role in long-term freight and passenger transport. However, the promotion of the use of alternative fuels requires infrastructure, fiscal and financial support, as well as a review of EU policies.