Sunday, February 28, 2021
Tags Renewable Hydrogen

Tag: Renewable Hydrogen

EU Member States recognise the critical role of biofuels and e-fuels in the transport sector

Following the 10th High-Level Meeting of the Refining Forum, participants stressed the critical role of biofuels and e-fuels in all transport sectors and welcomed the creation of the Renewable & Low-Carbon Fuels Value Chain Alliance.

Kadri Simson: the hydrogen potential of the CEE region

Kadri Simson highlighted that hydrogen is not just a new energy carrier, but the beginning of a revolution in the energy system and the CEE region as a lot of potential being home to the third-largest consumer of hydrogen in Europe: Poland.

Broad coalition calls on EU not to rely on hydrogen to decarbonise buildings

33 businesses, industry associations, NGOs and think tanks are urging the European Commission to prioritise available efficient and sustainable solutions to decarbonise buildings and avoid the direct use of hydrogen for this purpose.
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