Monday, October 26, 2020
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Klaipėda LNG terminal increases efficiency

Klaipėda LNG terminal operated by KN benefits from the high global LNG consumption, increasing its utilisation rate from 43% last year to 48% in the first half of this year.

Klaipėda handled 37,000 tons of biofuels contributing to climate change mitigation

Since the beginning of the year, more than 37,000 tons of biofuels have been handled at Klaipėda oil terminal, one of the driving forces of the green economy.

PGNiG receives first LNG supply in Klaipėda

PGNiG has received the first supply of LNG delivered by the sea at the LNG reloading station located in Klaipėda, where PGNiG is the sole user.
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Gas flows to Europe between new pipelines and a green future

With domestic production falling, Europe is increasingly more dependent on natural gas imports. Norway is the Northern source, Russia still detains a big piece of the East and new routes from the South represent the highest hope of diversification.

PGNiG further extends cooperation with Aker BP building a substantial portfolio in the region

PGNiG Supply & Trading signed a contract with Aker BP for the sales and purchase of natural gas produced on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, another cornerstone in successfully building a substantial portfolio in the region.

New gas-fired heating plant to lower emissions in the Czech Republic

Spolana Neratovice, a member of Unipetrol Group, has commissioned a new heating plant to generate the steam needed for its operations, significantly decreasing the volume of substances emitted into the atmosphere.

Projects from CEE among the winners of the Natura 2000 Awards

A trans-boundary project involving partners in Romania, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine is among the winners of the Natura 2000 Awards for 2020. In addition, the special European Citizens’ Award went to a project from Bulgaria.