Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Tag: heating systems

EU Commission approves major investment to make Zagreb’s heating system more reliable

The European Commission has approved an investment worth over 55 million euros to replace more than 68 km of Zagreb's heating pipes with a more reliable and efficient network.

Carbon inequality: EU emissions cuts only achieved among poorer Europeans

EU emissions reductions since 1990 resulted from a fall in the emissions of lower- and middle-income Europeans, while the emissions of the richest 10% of Europeans grew. Equity and fairness must be put at the heart of the transition to a new European economy says Oxfam.

Polish Council of Ministers approves Act to counteract smog and energy poverty

The Polish Council of Ministers has accepted the draft amendment to the Act on Supporting Thermal Upgrading, Renovations and Certain other Acts to counteract smog and energy poverty and energy efficiency improvement of buildings.
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