Thursday, February 25, 2021
Tags Energy Poverty

Tag: Energy Poverty

Can you afford to heat your home?

According to Eurostat, 6.9% of the EU population, more than 30 million people cannot afford to heat their homes. Energy poverty is still a widespread problem and national schemes should address the essence of the problem by reducing energy costs, improving thermal comfort and better indoor air quality.

The building sector can be a main contributor to meet 2030 climate targets

The average rate of renovation should be increased to at least 3 per cent per year to ensure the renovation of the full building stock by mid-century, also leading to a green economic recovery from the coronavirus.

Let’s ASPIRE! The 2030 Vision for energy consumers

EU consumers can now take better decisions regarding their energy use, incentivising energy efficiency measures in the areas of heating, cooling and domestic hot water. New EU provisions also address the issue of the poorest and most vulnerable consumers.
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