Thursday, February 25, 2021
Tags Energy consumption

Tag: Energy consumption

Are you ready for the new energy labels?

You know, that multi-coloured sticker with the letters stuck on the front of the new appliance you want to buy. Sounds familiar? It provides a wealth of information on the energy consumption of your new appliance and it’s not so complicated as it seems for the first sight.

What you need to know about the environmental impacts of the 5G revolution

Globally we generate around one trillion GB. The superfast 5G technology will enable faster data download and it has a big potential to curb GHG emissions. But it will also lead to skyrocketing energy use.

Let’s ASPIRE! The 2030 Vision for energy consumers

EU consumers can now take better decisions regarding their energy use, incentivising energy efficiency measures in the areas of heating, cooling and domestic hot water. New EU provisions also address the issue of the poorest and most vulnerable consumers.
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