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INEA: Connecting Europe Facility Energy, supported actions

A new brochure illustrating the energy window of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme was recently published by the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).

In the energy sector, the programme supports the implementation of key infrastructure projects of common interest (PCIs) in electricity, gas, smart grids and cross-border carbon dioxide networks. CEF funding for PCIs contributes to the decarbonisation efforts of the EU in the context of the European Green Deal, promoting further integration of the internal energy market, enhancing security of energy supply and integrating energy from renewable sources into the network.

In particular, the North-South electricity interconnections in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe aims at completing the internal EU electricity market and at integrating generation from renewable energy sources through the construction of interconnectors and internal lines.

One of the main achievements of the CEF Energy programme in this corridor is enabling the construction works with preparatory studies for lines between Vítkov and Přeštice and between Kočín and Mírovka (in the Czech Republic). CEF co-funding also accelerated studies and works for new electricity lines between Dobrudja, Burgas, Maritsa East (in Bulgaria) and the border with Greece. Upon completion of the PCIs under construction, the electricity will flow North-South and East-West and thus contribute to EU internal market integration, regional security of supply and integration of renewable power generation.

Read the full publication here.

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