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European Commission: CO2 Emissions from Maritime Transport

The European Commission has published the first annual report on CO2 emissions from maritime transport. The report analyses the CO2 emissions and energy efficiency information of all the ships over 5,000 gross tonnages, which performed maritime transport activities related to the European Economic Area (EEA) in 2018.

Emissions reported by 11,600 ships have added up to over 138 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in that year, representing 3.7 per cent of total EU CO2 emissions according to the European Environment Agency’s greenhouse gas emissions data.

The report shows that around two-thirds of the reported CO2 emissions are related to voyages to or from a port outside the EEA. Voyages inside the EEA represented only 32 per cent of total CO2 emissions, and emissions from ships in EEA ports stood for 6 per cent of total emissions. When comparing CO2 emissions across different ship types, container ships represented the largest share of total emissions, with over 30 per cent.

Read the full report here.

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