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DNV: Rising to the challenge of a hydrogen economy

DNV’s research Rising to the challenge of a hydrogen economy explores the outlook for emerging hydrogen value chains, from production to consumption.

For many, a large-scale hydrogen economy is essential to a clean energy future, with three-quarters of the more than 1,100 senior energy professionals DNV surveyed saying Paris Agreement targets will not be possible without it.

DNV sees that the energy industry is rising to this challenge. By 2025, almost half (44 per cent) of energy companies globally involved in hydrogen expect it to account for more than a tenth of their revenue, rising to 73 per cent of companies by 2030 – up significantly from just 8 per cent of companies today.

The research identifies infrastructure and cost as two of the biggest hurdles, while the right regulations are deemed the most powerful enabler, followed by carbon pricing. Proving the safety case will also be key to scaling the hydrogen economy.

Read the full report here.

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