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IEA: Gas Market Report

Global natural gas consumption rebounded by 4.6% in 2021, more than double the decline seen in 2020, says the IEA in its global gas market report.

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies: Key Themes for the Global Energy Economy in 2022

A new paper published by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and entitled 'Key Themes for the Global Energy Economy in 2022' contains 20 short articles which outline the views of OIES research fellows.

GECF: Road to Recovery from COVID-19 and Transition to a Carbon Neutral World – Dawn of a New Era for Natural Gas

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) unveiled the second edition of the Annual Short Term Gas Market Report titled "Road to Recovery from COVID-19 and Transition to a Carbon Neutral World: Dawn of a New Era for Natural Gas".

ENTSO-E: Review of Flexibility Platforms

n this Review of Flexibility Platforms, ENTSO-E and Frontier Economics have investigated eight platforms that cover a broad range of governance, functional and design characteristics.

IEA: World Energy Outlook 2021

A the pivotal moment of COP26 approaches, the IEA new World Energy Outlook makes it clear that this clean energy progress is still far too slow to put global emissions into sustained decline towards net zero.

IEA: Global Hydrogen Review

The Global Hydrogen Review is a new annual publication by the International Energy Agency to track progress in hydrogen production and demand, as well as in other critical areas such as policy, regulation, investments, innovation and infrastructure development.

DNV: Rising to the challenge of a hydrogen economy

DNV’s research Rising to the challenge of a hydrogen economy explores the outlook for emerging hydrogen value chains, from production to consumption.

bp Statistical Review of World Energy

he data collected in this year’s bp Statistical Review of World Energy include energy data for 2020 – one of the most turbulent years the world has ever seen.

The changing paradigm of gas in South-Eastern Europe

Due to difficulties posed by the pandemic, global demand for gas fell last year by 2.5%, which was the largest recorded fall in history to date. However, the globalisation of gas trading advanced with an increase in improved liquidity.

GIE/Guidehouse: Picturing the value of underground gas storage to the EU H2 system

Guidehouse in collaboration with GIE have prepared a study underlining the essential role of underground gas storage in establishing an integrated energy system and hydrogen economy in Europe by 2050.

IEA: Net Zero by 2050

The special report "Net Zero by 2050" published by the IEA is the world’s first comprehensive study of how to transition to a net-zero energy system by 2050 while ensuring stable and affordable energy supplies.

GIE: Decarbonisation in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe – how gas infrastructure can contribute to meet EU’s long-term decarbonisation objectives

GIE has published an in-depth analysis of the role of gases and the existing gas infrastructure in supporting Central-Eastern- and South-Eastern- Europe towards climate neutrality by 2050.

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