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Ukraine’s wind power potential estimated at 140 GW, Minister says

International companies are interested in investing in the development of Ukraine’s wind generation, whose potential is estimated at 140 gigawatts (GW), Ukrainian  Minister of Energy German Galushchenko said on Wednesday (20 September) via Ukrainian Radio.

Minister Galushchenko emphasised that due to Russian military aggression, Ukraine lost around 80 per cent of its wind generation. “Most wind farms are located in the southern part of the country, where there are suitable climatic conditions, primarily the necessary wind speed. Unfortunately, this territory is currently temporarily occupied, and virtually all wind generation has been lost,” he said.

However, this sector continues its development, despite the ongoing armed hostilities. “This year, for example, we launched a wind station in the Mykolaiv region and added 114 MW [megawatts] to the system,” the Minister said.

German Galushchenko emphasised that the greatest potential for the development of wind generation lies in the Black Sea and Azov Sea shelves, which currently cannot be developed due to the war.

“But we already have a huge number of interested companies from all over the world that will come to Ukraine for wind generation after our victory. We maintain constant communication with our partners who are eager to come to Ukraine for wind generation, whose potential we estimate at around 140 GW of electricity,” said Minister Galushchenko.

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