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Turkey bets on water resources as the leading means of renewable energy generation

Turkey’s State Hydraulic Works inaugurated 34 hydroelectric power plants which will bring economic value to a wide range of areas including energy, transport, agriculture and tourism.

“Water is one of the most precious resources of our world and humanity,” said President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the opening ceremony, at a moment in which droughts and heatwaves are hitting all of Europe.

“Water resources, which are inevitable for life, health, development and a liveable environment, prevent drought and poverty as well,” he continued. “We should appreciate the value of every drop of water, which is a source of life for every living creature from the smallest to the biggest.” 

In particular, he noted how the debate on global warming is increasing the importance of renewable energy sources.

“Water is a renewable energy resource unlike fossil fuels which recklessly deplete the world’s limited resources such as oil, coal and natural gas,” President Erdoğan underlined. “What is more, fossil fuels give rise to many problems ranging from air pollution to global warming. Water resources are the leading means of native and renewable energy generation in our country.”

Indeed, Turkey’s geographical location offers significant opportunities in this regard.

“Generating electricity from water stands out since it doesn’t cause air pollution, nor reduce the amount of water that is used or degenerate its quality,” concluded the President. “The dams built for hydroelectric power plants offer many additional opportunities from irrigation to fishery. The issue of allocating the money, which stays inside the country thanks to the generation of electricity from water to critically important development investments is just as important as other issues for such countries as Turkey.”

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