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The reconstruction of Slovenia’s 90-year-old Hubelj HPP to improve the local environment

Soške Elektrarne Nova Gorica (SENG), a Slovenian renewable electricity producer launched the reconstruction of the 90-year-old Hubelj Hydro Power Plant on the Hubelj River in Ajdovščina, Slovenia. The undertaking which is worth 4 million euros is expected to result in significant improvements to the local environment and the community.

“The Hubelj River water source not only supplies the Hubelj small hydropower plant but is also the most important source of drinking water for the Ajdovščina area and its surroundings”, said Uroš Podobnik, the president of the supervisory board of SENG.

“These are the good practices nurtured by SENG, which looks for other positive effects to develop activities and infrastructure that raise people’s quality of life in close cooperation with the local environment”, he added.

The Hubelj hydropower plant which has been producing electricity since 1931 will undergo a complete renovation. The reconstruction will extend the lifespan of the power plant, increase electricity production and improve its energy efficiency.

“Increasing energy efficiency, improving technologies and increasing the proportion of renewable energy sources will contribute to reducing the use of conventional energy sources, which are one of the main factors causing climate change”, emphasised Minister of Infrastructure of Slovenia, Jernej Vrtovec who attended the launch of Hubelj HPP reconstruction and continued, “We must also not forget nuclear energy, which, together with renewable energy sources, will contribute to achieving the goal of energy independence and climate goals”.

Throughout history, Hubelj HPP powered the local watermills. With the creation of power stations, it became the driving force of the new facilities that produced electricity for homes and industrial plants. In 2020, the roof of the Hubelj HPP engine room was equipped with solar panels.

Photo: HSE

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