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The largest solar power plant of Central and Eastern Europe is to be built Poland

Construction of the largest photovoltaic power plant in Central and Eastern Europe will start soon in Pomerania, Northern Poland, Sebastian Jabłoński, CEO of Respect Energy told Polish news agency Newseria Biznes. The plant is expected to generate 230 gigawatts-hour (GWh) of green energy annually, starting from next year. Over the next 30 years, the plant could contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by 5 million tonnes.

“Our photovoltaic power plant in Zwartów will have 203 [megawatts] MW of installed capacity,” underlined the CEO of Respect Energy. “We will produce approximately 6 [terawatts-hour] TWh of energy over the entire life cycle of the plant. For comparison, Poland currently has a demand of around 150 TWh, so it is a significant investment.”

The project was awarded a 15-year contract for difference with the state in a renewables auction last year. Polish independent renewables electricity seller, Respect Energy is responsible for the investment working together with the German concern Goldbeck Solar. The value of the power plant after construction will amount to approximately 200 million euros.

The planned solar farm in Zwartów will produce energy that is enough to supply 153,000 households according to Respect Energy. The ambitious project will contribute to increase the share of renewables in the power system, that is going through transformative changes.

According to Sebastian Jabłoński, in the coming years, more green power plants are to be built as the pressure to switch off loss-making coal-fired plants will increase.

As underlined in the latest report by Forum Energii, Poland may reach over 43 per cent of RES in its energy mix by 2030, which would guarantee the stability of the power system and undisturbed energy supply to customers. Poland’s National Energy Policy, however, envisions that RES will account for a more modest, 23 per cent of the final gross energy consumption by 2040.

In the past years, solar energy was driving the growth of generation capacity from renewable technologies in Poland, now it is the second-largest renewable source in the Polish power system after wind energy. According to the National Energy and Climate Plan, solar capacity is expected to reach 7.3 GW by 2030 with about half installed by 2025. Considering the current growth rate of the solar sector, Poland may reach its 2030 target by the middle of the decade.

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