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The largest and most efficient solar power parks in the Baltic states open in Lithuania

One of the most advanced and efficient remote solar power plants in the Baltic states is beginning to generate low-cost green electricity for Lithuanian businesses.

The Green Genius international renewable energy company has invested over 10 million euros in new solar power parks in Lithuania. The combined power of these solar power plants exceeds 13.5 megawatts (MW) and the estimated annual output should reach 17,000 megawatts-hour (MWh)—an amount equal to the total yearly average consumption of the residents of Šilutė.

In total, these solar power parks occupy a combined area of 23 hectares, while two of the parks (with installed capacities of 4.199 MW and 4.984 MW) are the largest of their kind in Lithuania.

“We’re successfully investing in renewable energy projects across Europe because the main goal of our company is to help prevent climate change,” said Ruslanas Sklepovičius, CEO of Green Genius. “We believe that increasing the capacity of renewable energy is the only way to reduce the greenhouse effect. In pursuit of this goal, we’re investing in new projects without waiting for national or EU aid. The new 13.5 MW remote solar power parks in Lithuania were built without any governmental aid and we will continue to build more as long as the government facilitates the integration of our low-cost, locally-produced green energy into the network. Re-establishing energy auctions would certainly make our lives easier, too.”

Green Genius is also constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions in search of more effective ways to use renewable energy resources. In the construction of new solar power parks, Green Genius utilises the most advanced technologies to ensure durability and maximum efficiency when generating power. Such technologies include solar trackers, high-quality voltage converters and efficient 530–535 W bifacial monocrystalline modules.

What makes Green Genius solar power parks unique is the use of a rotating mounting for solar modules. The majority of solar power parks in Lithuania are built by mounting solar modules on fixed structures. However, automated tracking modules allow Green Genius’ solar power parks to generate 15–25 per cent more electricity.

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