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Slovenia’s GEN-I to install 1 GW of solar power plants by 2030

Slovenia’s state-owned energy group GEN-I plan to invest 1 billion euros by 2030 in projects that will accelerate decarbonisation. According to the company’s long-term strategy, GEN-I will install 1 gigawatt (GW) of solar power plants by 2030.

The analysis on the potential development of the Slovenian power system prepared by GEN-I showed that Slovenia can be decarbonised before 2050 while maintaining independence, reliability, competitiveness, green transformation of the power system.

“We have set an ambitious but feasible plan that enables the development and decarbonisation of the individual, companies and society while maintaining competitiveness and not increasing import dependence,” said Robert Golob, President of the Management Board of GEN-I, while presenting the company’s newly drafted strategic development plan.

In the framework of this plan, GEN-I will invest 1.06 billion euros in new technologies and decarbonisation by 2030 and install solar power plants with a combined capacity of 1 GW. About 20 000 solar power plants of various sizes are planned.

The Slovenian energy group will also invest in energy storage devices, which will ensure the stability of the electricity system and aims to become the largest aggregator of flexibility at the transmission and distribution levels.

GEN-I intends to decarbonise all its activities by 2025 by transforming from an energy company into a digital technology company. GEN-I was the first in the country to enable its business customers and households to purchase electricity only from carbon-free sources starting from January this year. The company estimated it would have 3.15 TWh of electricity from solar, hydroelectric and nuclear sources available for sale this year, equivalent to 1.65 million tons of carbon emission savings.

With a record amount of traded electricity last year (over 140 terawatts-hour) GEN-I wish to further increase electricity sales on international wholesale markets to 1,000 TWh by 2030 which represents almost 100 times the electricity consumption in the entire Slovenia.

The company also aims to expand abroad in retail, with the acquisitions of smaller suppliers, GEN-I expects to supply electricity to 1.2 million customers by 2030.

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