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Slovenian Petrol launches solar power plants on filling stations

Slovenian energy company Petrol Group has installed first three solar power plants at filling stations across Slovenia under its “Petrol Green” project launched in 2022, with additional solar panels to be installed at over 100 other filling points by the end of October of this year (18 August).

The company has set a target of equipping all suitable points of sale in Slovenia with sustainable energy sources by the end of next year.

The first two solar power plants have been launched at the Poljčane and Maribor – Na Poljanah filling stations, both located in the northeast of Slovenia. By the end of the year, solar panels are planned to be installed at 102 filling stations across the country.

The 87 solar power plants from the Petrol Green project will be joined by the 15 existing ones that have been generating power since 2010. Together, they will reach a capacity of 5.25 megawatts (MW), generating 5,500 megawatts hours (MWh) of electricity annually. In addition, the solar panels are expected to provide 50 per cent energy self-sufficiency at each filling station.

“By optimising energy management and reducing operating costs, the Petrol Group is increasing its ability to invest in new energy and sustainability projects. Petrol is thus implementing an energy transition for itself and its customers, and providing green energy from renewable sources,” Petrol said via a press release.

The Petrol Green project is divided into three phases: Petrol Green 1 (46 points of sale), Petrol Green 2 (24 points of sale) and Petrol Green 3 (17 points of sale). The company received funding for the first two phases, based on its application to the Public Call for Proposals for the co-financing of operations for the construction of new small-scale electricity generation plants using solar energy, published by Slovenia’s Ministry for Infrastructure.

The documentation and permits for the next phase of the project, covering filling stations in Croatia, are being prepared at the same time, Petrol also noted in the press release.

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