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Serbia’s NIS starts installing solar panels at petrol stations

Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic welcomed the initiative of Serbian oil company NIS, to install solar panels at its petrol stations across the country. In the first phase of the project, NIS installed solar panels at eight petrol stations.

The minister welcomed the initiative as a way to increase the share of green energy in energy production and reduce import dependence, which contributes to greater energy security. She underlined that the government created a supportive and favourable environment by passing the law on the use of renewable energy sources.

“It’s impossible to achieve results in the field of energy security, stability and sustainability without partnerships and joint projects. The Ministry of Mining and Energy, the government of Serbia and NIS are partners in the implementation of the energy transition process and it is impossible to imagine the future without thinking about how to produce sufficient amounts of energy from clean, renewable sources. This is also an example of how businesses can become energy self-sufficient,” said the Minister.

Kiril Tyurdenev, General Manager of NIS stated that the company’s priority in this challenging time is to maintain a stable supply to the domestic market, provide new energy sources and strengthen its energy efficiency.

“Our further development must be sustainable, with a responsible attitude towards our resources and the environment,’ said Mr Tyurdenev adding that by installing solar power plants, NIS will continue to implement its green agenda and invest in renewable energy sources.

“We have the support of our partners from the government of Serbia and the Ministry of Mining and Energy, with whom we share the same goals, which are energy stability and environmental security,” he said.

The project of installing solar panels at eight of its petrol stations is a pilot project of NIS. According to the company’s forecasts, the annual savings in electricity will amount to almost 300 MWh with the delivery of about 40 MWh to the distribution network and with an annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of 375 tons.

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