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Romania’s Ministry of Environment makes its green PV home scheme easier to access

Romania’s Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests has introduced new rules that make its green PV home scheme (Casa Verde Fotovoltaice) more flexible and easier to access.

Environment minister Barna Tánczos recognised that the green PV home scheme was a very good idea to support residential solar installations. However, the program had major deficiencies in 2019 and out of the 12,650 contracts signed, only about 450 systems were actually installed.

“The new provisions improve the installation process and settlement of rebate payments,” he said. “Now there are no more barriers for the execution of works and the settlement of payment and we invite all beneficiaries to complete this process.”

The new rules include an extension of the timeframe to install a PV system, from 8 to 12 months, in order to deal with possible delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic and unfavourable conditions during the winter season. Furthermore, the scheme includes the possibility of incorporating more powerful tools, following the pace at which technology in the energy field is evolving. Also, it is going to be possible to change the location of a project within the same property and, in order to boost the industry’s digitalisation, exclusively online requests will be accepted.

According to the Photovoltaic Barometer, in 2017 Romania had 46.3 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity installed, leading the Central and Eastern European region after Hungary (113 MW) and Poland (97.7 MW)

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