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Romania: RES industry calls on government to remove ‘legislative barriers’ to energy exports

The Romanian associations representing the renewable energy sources (RES) industry have published a joint statement calling on the government to re-analyse key elements of the draft EU-backed Emergency Ordinance legislation regarding “some measures to achieve the necessary investments for the development of Romania’s energy infrastructure,” the Romanian Wind Energy Association announced on 21 February.

The joint press release was signed by the RWEA (Romanian Wind Energy Association), RPIA (Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association) and PATRES (Employer’s Organisation of Renewable Energy Producers in Romania) representing producers, developers and service and equipment providers in the RES sector, with a total power installed of approximately 5 gigawatts (GW).

“The provisions of the GEO Project violate competition and State aid rules and disrupt competitiveness on the energy market through the exclusive derogation from the 50-hectare limit for the specific objectives of producing electricity from renewable sources,” the joint press release said. “In the context in which public entities act on the market in direct competition with private operators, developing indistinguishable energy capacities, there is no objective justification for legislative exceptions in consideration of a higher national interest.”

The industry associations said that granting State aid under the currently proposed measures would create a competitive advantage “incompatible” with the internal market and the provisions of European law.

Thus, in the statement sent to the Prime Minister of Romania, Nicolae Ciucă, the RES associations presented their proposed legislative solutions for removing the barriers for investors, unblocking projects that exceed 50 hectares.

“Achieving the national and European targets regarding the share of electricity produced from renewable sources can only become a reality through joint efforts and collaboration between the public and private sectors, as well as on the basis of a stable and predictable legislative framework capable of ensuring the maintenance of a balanced competitive environment,” the press release added.

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