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Romania advances energy infrastructure with hydroelectric pumped storage project

Romania’s Ministry of Energy, through the Energy Participation Management Company (SAPE), has initiated the Tarnița – Lăpuștești hydroelectric pumped storage project. In response to the public tender process, two companies have already submitted their bids.

“After years of waning confidence in this project, the submission of bids for the feasibility study marks a pivotal moment for the Romanian energy sector, signalling a shift towards large-scale projects,” said Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Energy. “The Tarnița – Lăpuștești project is crucial for strengthening Romania’s energy infrastructure. This strategic investment will not only enhance the country’s energy security but also significantly contribute to sustainable development and competitiveness in the European energy market, especially given the rapid expansion of intermittent renewable energy sources like solar and wind. We remain committed to supporting such projects that provide long-term benefits to all citizens through safe, affordable and green energy.”

The Tarnița – Lăpuștești hydropower plant project is a significant milestone in Romania’s energy development. It will offer numerous benefits, including improving the operational efficiency of the Cernavodă nuclear power plant, particularly with the construction of Units 3 and 4, as well as fossil fuel thermoelectric plants.

The hydropower plant will enable the transfer of electricity from low-demand to peak-load periods, contribute to frequency-power regulation, provide rapid tertiary reserves and short-term emergency reserves and create optimal conditions for the operation of intermittent renewable power plants. It will also supply reactive power and operate in compensatory mode, ensuring compliance with power quality standards. This project will enhance the National Energy System’s participation in the single European electricity market, increasing safety and allowing for better technical and economic operations.

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