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PPC Renewables start construction of new 80 MW PV power plant in Western Macedonia

Greece’s PPC Renewables has added a new photovoltaic power plant, with an installed capacity of 80 megawatts (MW), at the location “Akrini” of the Kozani Regional Unit, in exhausted lignite mines of PPC.

Construction works have already begun. The new PV plant is designed with bifacial high-efficiency PV modules on a fixed support structure. Given the high solar potential of the region, the estimated annual generation of the power plant is expected to be 127 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year. Once operational, CO2 emissions of 73,500 tonnes will be avoided

PPC Renewables is currently constructing new RES projects in Ptolemaida with a total capacity of 800 MW. In addition to the “Akrini” project, these projects include the flagship photovoltaic project “Oricheio PPC Ptolemaida” with a capacity of 550 MW, which is one of the largest photovoltaic projects in Europe.

Upon completion, the total installed RES capacity (excluding large hydroelectric power plants) of the PPC Group will reach 2,300MW.

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