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Polish Parliament passes new amendment to onshore wind draft law – what do we know thus far

Lawmakers in the Polish upper chamber (Senat) have introduced new amendments to the ’10H’ liberalisation draft law, following a unanimous vote on Wednesday (22 February). This includes a proposal to restore the 500-metre distance rule, which was changed to 700 metres during the vote in the lower chamber (Sejm) two weeks ago.

The latest legislative draft of the ’10H’ bill, which aims to reform Poland’s regulatory framework for the onshore wind power industry, also includes a proposal for a further reduction in the distance between a wind turbine (minimum 500 metres) and residential buildings upon consent from local residents and the relevant municipality.

However, it is currently unclear whether the amendments proposed by the opposition-controlled Senat will be accepted by the Sejm, which is controlled by the ruling party, Law & Justice (PiS). Whilst PiS lawmakers in the Senat voted along with the opposition parties, the government appears to indicate that it will continue to support the original amendments proposed by the Sejm.

Speaking to after the vote in the Senat, the government’s spokesperson, Piotr Müller, said that he “expects” that lawmakers will uphold the position of the Sejm on the amendment of the act once it returns for the final reading in the Sejm.

Once the draft law is passed in the Sejm, it will be sent to the President of Poland for final approval.

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