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Polish Enea Group launched its first solar farm

Polish energy group Enea built its first 3 megawatts (MW) photovoltaic farm in Jastrowie, Poland as an initial step to tapping into renewables. Enea announced that the project will be followed by further investments in PV farms in cooperation with local governments.

The construction of the photovoltaic farm started in September last year and finished in June, with a total cost of the investment of 8.4 million zloties (1.8 million euros). The investor of the project was Enea Nowa Energia, the contractor was Enea Serwis. The green electricity produced at the Jastrowie solar farm will cover the annual energy demand of about 1,000 households, says the press release of Enea.

“The investment of Enea Group in photovoltaic farms shows and confirms that we will shift towards a net-zero energy system,” said MP Marek Suski, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, Climate and State Assets adding that the next steps will be photovoltaic panel factories. “We want to be self-sufficient in this regard, and I believe that it is within our reach,” he confirmed.

“The investment in Jastrowie is the first photovoltaic farm project implemented in the Enea Group, which is part of our development strategy,” emphasised Paweł Majewski, President of the Management Board of Enea.

The installation was created as part of intra-group cooperation – I hope that the experience gained by the companies will pay off in subsequent projects and will allow for quick development of PV power in Enea Group,” explained Mr Majewski adding that the new investment will be an impulse to increase the potential of renewable energy sources faster and increase the competitiveness of the Enea Group.

This year, Enea Nowa Energia plans to finalise further photovoltaic investments such as a 6.6 MW installation consisting of 7 photovoltaic generators in Krzęcin, a 1 MW photovoltaic farm in Likowo and the Lubno I and II farms in the Lubiszyn commune.

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