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Polish Enea and H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ to develop sun tracking solar farms

Polish power company Enea Group and Polish manufacturing company H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ have signed a letter of intent in joint renewable energy sources (RES) development (5 July).

In particular, both companies will work together in developing special frames for a modern photovoltaic (PV) installation whose panels follow the sun, enabling power production capacity to be maximised. Ensuring that the solar panels remain optimally positioned throughout the day, the tracking installation enables more efficient electricity production compared to fixed rack solutions.

For instance, in June, the installation takes advantage of early sunrises and can produce up to six times more energy than a regular PV installation by 8 AM, which is particularly valuable as it increases electricity production during peak consumption periods.

Enea has begun assessing the potential of such an installation, with a prototype installation consisting of two modules constructed at the headquarters of Enea Serwis. Initial test results demonstrate the installation’s satisfactory efficiency, the company said.

“The development of renewable generation capacity is one of the most important tasks that the Enea Group will carry out in the coming years. We currently have greenfield projects with connection conditions issued for 525 MW [megawatts]. The Group’s special purpose vehicles are implementing new projects for an additional several hundred MW of green energy. In 2024, we will have projects for around 800 MW with issued building permits. This is a huge investment project, which plans to use the Group’s competence in the construction of photovoltaic farms,” said Paweł Majewski, President of Enea’s Management Board.

Enea is interested in H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ’s potential implementation of elements and complete support structures for the construction of photovoltaic farms, both in tracking technology and traditional stationary support structures, the company said in a press release.

“I am convinced that cooperation with H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ SA will develop and will enable us to use the potential of one of the most distinguished Polish production companies, which has had a great impact not only on the history of the development of Polish industry but also on the history of Poland,” Mr Majewski added.

The signed letter also outlined the willingness of both companies to cooperate in using H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ’s real estate for the construction of photovoltaic installations. These installations would also be adapted to provide H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ with self-consumption of solar energy, which may reduce production costs and meet Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) criteria in contracts.

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