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Poland is the largest solar job provider in the EU, Romania to rank 7th by 2025

Twenty-six per cent or over 90,000 of all new jobs created in Poland in 2020 were from the solar sector, making the country the largest provider of solar jobs in the European Union.

Since Poland is not the EU’s largest photovoltaic manufacturer and only the fourth largest market in the region, this finding may come as a surprise but according to SolarPower Europe’s latest study, the apparent contradiction is due to a combination of factors.

One of them is that the bulk of the country’s annual 2.4 gigawatts (GW) market is primarily small rooftop residential PV systems and their installation typically creates more jobs than larger solar systems or utility-scale segments. Another factor is the availability of lower labour costs than in any other Western and Central European market which has led to the creation of more solar jobs.

On a more prognostic note, the study projects that Poland’s boom “will decrease after the exceptional performance is granted by its residential PV support scheme. However, the country will remain a major contributor to EU solar jobs”, and will produce 62,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the medium term.

Another CEE country, Romania is likely to occupy a place on the EU’s top list and rank seventh-largest solar job producer in the EU by 2025.

“We expect the Romanian market to reach the GW scale by then, with a relevant share of rooftop PV systems and the availability of lower labour costs compared to other EU markets of similar size”, reads the statement.

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