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PGE Group to launch a tender for a large-scale battery energy storage facility

Poland’s PGE Group is set to initiate a procurement process for the design and turnkey construction of a large-scale battery energy storage facility with a capacity of up to 263 megawatts (MW) and a minimum capacity of 900 megawatt-hours (MWh).

This facility will be located near the Żarnowiec Pumped Storage Power Plant, part of the PGE Group.

“The increasing share of renewable energy sources in the national energy mix is driving the need for enhanced energy storage solutions,” said Dariusz Marzec, President of the Management Board of PGE. “To meet this demand, we are accelerating our investments in this sector. The battery energy storage facility planned at ESP Żarnowiec will significantly boost energy storage capabilities, enhancing the stability of the National Power System during the energy transition and providing a reliable revenue stream for PGE.”

The procurement process will be conducted as an open tender which is expected to be formally initiated around June or July 2024. However, PGE is already outlining the participation requirements for potential contractors.

The large-scale battery storage facility at ESP Żarnowiec will be the largest installation of its kind in Europe. It will provide regulatory system services to the Transmission Network Operator, balance local onshore wind farms and support future PGE wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

The project has already secured a connection agreement, launched a special purpose vehicle, obtained the first concession promise for energy storage in Poland and applied for general certification for the capacity market.

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