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Petrol’s new wind park to provide green sustainable energy in Croatia

Slovenia’s energy company Petrol’s new wind park will provide green sustainable energy for 20,000 average households in Croatia.

Wind will become the main source of electrical energy in Europe by 2030. Therefore, wind energy is representing a field, where technologies for efficient usage of renewable sources are developing extremely quickly. 

“The global energy system is witnessing an advanced development, influenced by the increased energy demand as well as by environmental requirements,” stated Jože Bajuk, Board member of Petrol, responsible for the Energy and Solutions pillar. “At Petrol, we are following these objectives through the production of electricity from renewable sources – wind, water and sun. Petrol decided to become a modern energy company, therefore renewables have a specific strategic position at Petrol’s, especially the production of energy from renewables, which represents one of the key activities for the future development of the Petrol group.

Petrol plans, builds and manages wind parks, taking into consideration appropriate locations, where the utilisation of wind potential is possible without harming the environment. In Croatia, near Knin, the company is building a wind power plant which includes 9 wind turbines. 

“Over the last few years, the European legislative framework has put in place excellent conditions for the promotion of renewable resources and we are therefore pleased that we too at Petrol can contribute to the common social objectives of the transition to a low-carbon society,” continued Mr Bajuk.

Global trends in the world are encouraging the exploitation of renewable energy sources for the production of electrical energy. Renewables contribute to both the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and diversification of energy supply. Petrol Group is focusing on the first aspect, intensively developing and investing in the production of electricity from wind, solar and little hydropower plants.

At the end of 2019, the company signed a contract for the construction of wind power plants in Croatia with Nordex, in the capacity of 30 megawatts (MW). The expected annual energy production of 9 windmills is 96 gigawatts per hour (GWh), which is sufficient to reach 20,000 average household customers. 

“Project Ljubač represents the first project of company Petrol in the field of production of wind energy, which will be delivered without additional feed ins and subventions,” added Suvad Bajrić, director of renewable electricity production at Petrol. “In this way, our customers will have at disposal clean and sustainable energy, without additional burdening of the State budget or final customers.” 

Construction work began in the spring of this year. Currently, turbines are already being installed, and the start of the turbines is planned at the beginning of April next year. 

“The Petrol Group has realised or is realising 200 MW worth of wind and solar energy projects to provide clean energy for an additional 100,000 average households,” concluded Mr Bajrić.

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