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ORLEN to ‘significantly increase’ bioethanol production

Polish energy company ORLEN Group has announced that it will “significantly increase” the use of bioethanol for fuel production from next year. 

The company estimates that its demand for bioethanol will amount to almost 700,000 cubic meters in 2024. To produce such a quantity of bioethanol, approximately two million tons of grain will need to be processed, primarily sourced from local farmers.

“According to our declarations, we are increasing our demand for bioethanol for fuel production. The use of bio-components has a positive impact on the natural environment as well as greater energy security. Almost 90 per cent of the bioethanol used by ORLEN for fuel production in Polish refineries comes from domestic agricultural resources. Therefore, our decision to increase the use of this bio-component means a larger market for Polish agricultural producers. Importantly, the efficient utilisation of domestic agricultural potential will result in tangible benefits for the Polish economy,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of ORLEN’s management board.

ORLEN plans a tenfold increase in its biofuels production by 2030. The increase in bioethanol use is expected to contribute to meeting the National Target Indicator (NCW), which increases year by year. The NCW sets the minimum share of renewable fuels and bio-components in fuels used in road and rail transport.

Bioethanol is an additive to gasoline obtained from biomass (mainly corn and wheat in Poland).

The use of bio-additives cuts carbon emissions in transport and reduces dependence on imported crude. Additionally, local production of bio-additives supports domestic farmers and bio-component manufacturers, ORLEN said in a press release.

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