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ORLEN selects contractor for offshore wind farm project

On Tuesday (12 September) Polish energy company ORLEN Group announced that it has selected a contractor for the onshore part of the installation terminal for its planned offshore wind farms.

With Polish construction company Budimex as the chosen contractor, the terminal’s construction is set to begin in October and is planned for completion in late 2024 or early 2025. The terminal is expected to facilitate the installation of more than 80 offshore wind turbines per year. It will be equipped to handle the Baltic Power project as well as other planned wind ventures, ORLEN said in a press release.

“The construction of the first offshore wind farms in any country demands thorough and highly advanced preparations. Installation infrastructure stands as a crucial element within this process. Once operational, the terminal located in the Świnoujście port will be Poland’s first and one of Europe’s most advanced facilities dedicated to supporting offshore wind projects. The selection of the terminal’s contractor marks another significant milestone in the timetable for the project, which already acquired a conditional investment decision in August,” said Daniel Obajtek, CEO and President of the ORLEN Management Board.

ORLEN Neptun manages the land-based terminal in Świnoujście port, covering nearly 20 hectares. Its main purpose is handling and storing essential components for offshore wind turbines, including towers, blades, and nacelles, as well as receiving offshore substation topsides up to 24,000 tonnes.

The project includes communication infrastructure and new workshop, administration and office buildings. It offers easy accessibility via rail, ferry, air, and road connections and benefits from favourable weather conditions. Approximately one hundred employees will eventually staff the terminal.

The project’s hydrotechnical aspect is overseen by Zarząd Morskich Portów Szczecin i Świnoujście, which will soon choose a contractor for the construction of two new wharves. The waterway section from the Mieleńska turning basin to the new terminal will also undergo deepening.

The new wharves exceed standard port conditions, especially in permissible live load, enabling the installation of wind turbine towers over 100 meters tall, each weighing around 1,000 tonnes. These 250-meter-long wharves accommodate specialised jack-up vessels for 15 megawatts (MW) and larger turbines and heavy lift vessels exceeding 200 meters for transporting wind farm components.

“All these activities are in line with the objectives of ORLEN Group’s strategy, which envisages that the company will have about 9 GW [gigawatts] of renewable energy capacity in the next few years. We intend to carry out offshore investments both on the Odra Shoal, at the level of Kołobrzeg, and on the Słupsk Shoal,” said Robert Nowicki, CEO of ORLEN Neptun.

In the future, the terminal in Świnoujście is also expected to serve other relevant projects in German, Swedish or Danish waters.

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