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Number of prosumers in Latvia keeps growing

The number of prosumers in Latvia, choosing to install solar panels on their rooftops to produce electricity, keeps growing.

By the middle of June, the total of microgenerators connected to the grid was around 15,000 with a total production capacity that has already exceeded 120 megawatts (MW). With this capacity, on a sunny summer day, it is possible to produce the amount of electricity that corresponds to 15 per cent of the total average daily electricity consumption in Latvia.

Interest in solar panels in Latvia has remained high in 2023 as well. The development rate is slightly lower compared to the year 2022 when there was a distinct, unprecedented boom in solar panels, but in less than six months, more than 3,500 new microgenerators were connected to the distribution system.

“The more moderate rate of development of microgeneration compared to last year can be explained by several factors, but the most important thing is that the price of electricity in the market has fallen,” said Sandis Jansons, the chairman of the board of Latvia’s power distribution system operator Sadales. “Last year, under the influence of geopolitical conditions, it reached unprecedented records and became one of the main catalysts for the comprehensive development of microgeneration.”

Taking into account the current pace of development of microgeneration, at the end of 2023 the total number of microgenerators connected to the distribution network could reach 18 to 20,000 and their total production capacity 140-160 MW.

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