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MET Group acquires PV and energy storage project in Germany

Integrated European energy company MET Group has acquired a 100 per cent stake in a German project company from ToRa. The project aims to develop a photovoltaic plant with an expected capacity of 62 megawatt-peaks (MWp) and a co-located 60 megawatts (MW)/ 240 megawatt-hours (MWh) battery energy storage system in Saxony, Germany.

The seller, ToRa, is a solar and wind project developer with expertise in developing and operating PV and wind assets in Germany. ToRa and MET Group will cooperate throughout the project’s entire development process.

“ToRa is an ideal partner for MET Group in Germany as it has a large network and a project development portfolio of over 2.3 gigawatts (GW),” commented Christian Hürlimann, Renewables CEO of MET Group. “The German market presents an excellent opportunity for MET and I would like to see us take a significant position in the German wind and solar market.”

MET Group secured land in Groß Düben for the project at the end of last year, that also has the potential for project development of a cluster of even more renewable projects in the Lausitz area.

“The project is unique in the German market, as it integrates both grid connection and battery storage,” stated Tomke Heinen, CEO of ToRa. “In addition, the project and the grid connection have considerable potential for expansion. The municipality of Groß Düben and the landowners support this project and have great confidence in MET as a partner.”

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