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Local governments in Serbia secure funds for energy efficiency renovations

Serbia’s Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović recently presented contracts to representatives of 131 local self-governments that have been awarded funds under a new subsidy programme for energy renovation of houses and apartments (20 July).

The programme provides around 1.8 billion dinars (15.4 million euros) in subsidies to households to reduce their energy consumption through a public call program, which includes replacing doors and windows, improving insulation and installing more efficient boilers or solar panels.

The Serbian Energy and Mining Ministry secured around 1 billion dinars (8.5 million euros) for subsidies, while local self-governments contributed an additional 800 million dinars (6.8 million euros).

The state and local self-governments cover up to 50 per cent of household investment costs, while citizens who opt for multiple measures can receive subsidies covering up to 65 per cent of the costs.

For the first time, municipalities with the lowest level of development and those recognised for high air pollution are given priority under the subsidy programme.

Public calls for businesses to carry out the works will start once all the contracts are signed, with first public calls expected to take place before the end of the current summer period.

Minister Đedović expressed hope that with efficient implementation of the works, results will be seen by the end of the year, leading to reduced electricity consumption during the heating season. The expected total energy savings based on the implemented measures from this public call amount to 90 million kWh per year, with an estimated reduction of 40,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The Energy and Mining Minister reminded that thus far, around 20,000 households have undergone energy renovation thanks to state support, and now funding has been secured for twice as many households. She announced that in the next five years, throughout the country’s “Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Citizens of the Republic of Serbia” programme, around 50,000 households will have the opportunity to receive subsidies.

“For these purposes, we have secured 50 million US dollars [44.8 million euros] in cooperation with the World Bank, and we are also in talks with other financial institutions to support energy efficiency projects. The cheapest energy is the one not consumed, and through efficient energy consumption, we benefit ourselves and help the energy system,” said Minister Đedović.

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