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Lithuania proposes ban on Chinese control systems in renewable projects

To protect the electric power system from external threats and ensure its reliable operation in unforeseen situations, the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy is proposing to ban the use of control systems from Chinese manufacturers that rely on software or cloud services in solar and wind power parks, as well as in batteries with capacities exceeding 100 kilowatts (kW).

“Our goal is to minimise risks and threats to the reliable operation and stability of the system,” stated Energy Minister, Dainius Kreivys. “We want to prevent a situation where equipment from manufacturers in hostile countries could simultaneously disrupt multiple manufacturers or service providers, compromising the system’s stability or entirely halting its operation. Information technologies are a primary tool used by hostile states and organisations, so enhancing cybersecurity is a critical component of the physical security of our electricity system.”

Currently, Lithuania operates over 1,000 solar and wind power parks and several batteries, each with capacities exceeding 100 kW. Some of these systems use Chinese control systems that can be managed remotely, posing a risk of unauthorised interference. This could include remotely turning systems on or off, changing parameters, causing damage, or otherwise affecting the production and storage of electricity.

If approved by the Government and the Parliament, starting 1 November 2024, network operators will be prohibited from connecting these insecure devices to the electricity grid. Additionally, operators of solar and wind farms and energy storage systems already using Chinese control systems will be required to replace them by 1 January 2026.

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