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Lithuania allocates EU recovery funds for offshore wind farms

Lithuania’s Ministry of Energy and the Central Project Management Agency have signed an EU financing contract, worth around 11.54 million euros, for preparatory works on the development of new offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea and the installation of related infrastructure, the Ministry of Energy announced on 31 January.

The funding comes from the country’s EU Recovery and Resilience Facility plan and the Lithuanian state budget.

The works will consist of seabed surveys, infrastructure implementation studies, measurements of wind speeds and other parameters, and environmental impact assessments of the planned wind power plants. In addition, preparatory works will determine the location of the connecting track of the wind farm with the land network and the substation and carry out research on the seabed and the wind farm connection with the land network. Moreover, consulting services will be used for the process of connecting the wind farm with the network, together with the preparation of the technical specification of the park connection with the land network and territorial planning documents.

The construction of the new offshore wind farms and the installation of related infrastructure contributes to key components of Lithuania’s EU-backed “New Generation” Plan. In particular, it implements the EU’s plans for a sustainable transformation of Lithuania’s electricity, carrying out reforms to “encourage the production, transmission and consumption of electricity from renewable resources by improving institutional and legal mechanisms and providing investment incentives for businesses and residents,” according to a press release from the Ministry.

As the press release added, the preparatory works are being implemented by the Ministry of Energy and are expected to be finalised by the end of the year.

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