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Largest solar power plant in Croatia begins operations

The Obrovac solar power plant, in Croatia, with an installed capacity of 8.7 megawatts (MW) and connection capacity of 7.35 MW, has officially been launched, becoming the largest solar power plant in the country.

The 6.9 million euros worth Obrovac solar power plant was built in the area of the former alumina factory. With an annual electricity output of about 11.3 million kilowatt-hours (kWh), it will be able to meet the needs of more than 3,500 households.

“The Obrovac solar power plant where we are now, together with Stankovci, represents renewable sources that can jointly supply more than five thousand households,” said Andrej Plenković, the Prime Minister of Croatia. “This is an important message of adaptation to the new era and the energy strategy of the Republic of Croatia. In the crisis we went through together, HEP, as the main state-owned electricity company, had a significant role and enabled the Government to make decisions such as limiting the price of electricity for our citizens and the economy.”

After the 58 MW Korlat wind farm, put into operation in 2021 and the 2.5 MW Stankovci solar power plant, which has been in operation since 2022, Obrovac solar power plant is HEP’s third RES power plant in Zadar County, realized in accordance with the HEP 2030 development strategy. It is also HEP’s seventh solar power plant in operation and one of four solar power plants with a total capacity of 32 MW to be commissioned by HEP in 2023.

After Obrovac, HEP will soon officially open the 9.9 MW Donja Dubrava solar power plant in Međimurje, the largest solar power plant in Croatia, which operation has already started. By the end of the summer, HEP will have two more solar power plants in operation, bringing their number to ten.

“Unlike the former alumina factory, which became a symbol of all unsuccessful and failed investments in the former State, this solar power plant built on its remains, is an example of something quite the opposite – an ecologically unquestionable and economically justified and successful investment,” added Frane Barbarić, the President of the Management Board of Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP). “Such are the other 60 renewable energy projects we have planned, with a total capacity of more than 1,500 MW and an estimated value of about 1.6 billion euros. Without green energy and a secure energy supply, tourism survival and development is unimaginable. Building on these facts, today, ahead of the new tourist season, I can say that HEP keeps and will continue to keep an eye on the energy needs of tourist areas. This year alone, network investments along the Croatian coast will amount to more than 60 million euros.”

In addition to investing in renewable sources, HEP is also investing in strengthening the distribution and transmission network in order to accept production from an increasing number of renewable sources in the system, a significant part of which is located along the coast.

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