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Kosovo aims for 32% renewables share by 2030 in new energy strategy

The Kosovo government has approved its “Energy Strategy Implementation Programme,” with a commitment to achieve a 32 per cent share of renewables in the gross final energy consumption by 2030.

The strategy also set out targets for the maximum level of final energy consumption (FEC) and renewables at one thousand eight hundred (1800) ktoe (kiloton of oil equivalent) as well as the greenhouse gas limit of 8.95 million tons.

Kosovo’s Energy Strategy Implementation Programme (ESIP) covers the period of 2022-2025 and is based on the Energy Strategy of Kosovo for 2022-2031.

“ESIP includes investment projects in all sectors through which reliable and uninterrupted energy supply, especially electricity, is ensured,” the government said via a press release. “It also encompasses important activities and projects that enable the implementation of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo’s guidelines for decarbonising the energy sector based on Kosovo’s commitments to the Berlin Process and the Treaty Establishing the Energy Community, according to an approved decarbonisation mapping.”

With the approval of the Kosovo Energy Strategy Implementation Program, all stakeholders are expected to start its implementation as set out in the programme.

The programme was approved on 5 September and involved all relevant institutions and public consultations during its preparation, the government noted.

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