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INA explores feasibility of offshore wind farm in the Adriatic Sea

Croatia’s leader in the oil business INA has started measuring wind speed on two gas platforms in the Adriatic Sea, to examine the potential for the construction of an offshore wind farm. It is the first time that Croatia explores the possibility of an offshore wind farm and the process will last for 12 months.

Source: INA.

In addition to traditional business, INA is turning to green technologies in line with MOL Group’s strategy for 2030 according to which the group wants to play a key role in shaping the low-carbon circular economy with investments in renewables and new businesses such as waste integration and utilisation, recycling, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), advanced biofuels and potentially hydrogen-related opportunities.

Earlier in January, INA started also the construction of solar power plants located in the municipalities of Molve and Sisak which together will produce 16,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity per year, the average consumption of 4,800 households in Croatia. 

“With these projects, INA is stepping into new businesses based on renewable energy sources,” said Ante Crljenko, Director of Enterprise and Innovation at INA. “We are interested in all the profitable opportunities to upgrade our existing value chain, aligning at the same time with the green agenda of Croatia and the European Union.”

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