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ID Energy Group sells its 14 operational solar plants in Hungary to Obton

ID Energy Group, a corporate group specialising in photovoltaic energy has sold its 14 fully operational solar plants in Hungary to the Danish solar investor Obton. This acquisition has increased the Danish company’s operational portfolio by over 10 megawatt-peaks (MWp).

The facilities, all of which have fixed structures are located in different areas of the country and once they are owned by Obton, ID Energy Group will carry out operational and maintenance work.

ID Energy Group
Source: ID Energy Group.

“This is an important milestone for ID Energy Group as it represents our first sale of operational solar assets in Hungary,” said Francesco Cortesi, ID Energy Group’s General Manager in Hungary and Southeast Europe. “After the sale, ID Energy Group is carrying out the operation and maintenance of the sold projects. Currently, ID Energy Group is one of the main O&M providers in the Hungarian market and it is managing more than 100 MWp in the country.”

Mr Cortesi also highlighted the importance of this transaction for the group and explained what it means for ID Energy Group’s growth and expansion plans in Hungary.

“The divestment of this operational portfolio is aimed to provide the company additional resources to further develop our greenfield pipeline,” he said. “We currently have a pipeline of 250 megawatts (MW) of PV projects in advanced stage in Hungary with many of them forecasted to reach the Ready to Build stage by the end of 2022.”

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