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Hungary to fast forward residential solar PV tender

Hungary’s government will speed up the second round of the residential solar PV tender, which will be available from November instead of the planned spring starting date, with a budget of more than 200 billion forints (500 million euros).

The news comes after Hungarian families had to face the changing rules of utility cost reduction in Hungary, with higher prices above average consumption.

In view of the energy crisis, the Hungarian government wants to grant access for households to the residential solar tender as soon as possible. The government argues that residential solar projects will reduce families’ energy bills significantly and permanently, thereby strengthening the results of the utility cuts.

“Stage 1 of the call for proposals was met with huge interest, with a record number of over 43,000 applications received,” said Attila Steiner, Secretary of State for Energy at the Ministry of Technology and Industry adding that with a budget of more than 200 billion forints (500 million euros), the grant could help tens of thousands of families below the average income to further reduce their utility bills.

The Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency due to the energy crisis, introducing a partial elimination of its long-standing overhead reduction, as above the average energy consumers are now paying the market price for their extra consumption.

This impacted the solar market as well. Now not only businesses but also residential consumers are looking for possible alternative solutions, boosting the demand for residential solar PV installations.

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