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GTSOU welcomes steps towards the development of biomethane production in Ukraine

The Head of Ukraine’s Agency on Energy Efficiency Valerii Bezus said that the country is coming to the finish line in adopting a resolution to create a biomethane registry.
The government’s approval of the procedure for the functioning of the biomethane registry and the mechanism for providing biomethane guarantees of origin is one of the key steps toward the full development of the production of this type of fuel in Ukraine, as well as for its export to Europe.

The Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) recalled that the country is confidently moving on the European path, including in terms of innovations for the introduction of renewable gases. The country’s integration with the gas market and the electricity market of the EU proves how successful and promising such cooperation is. The next step is the joint development of the gas market, which can effectively replace natural gas.

The GTSOU is actively supporting and encouraging the development of renewable gases in Ukraine and in the future will be ready to provide biomethane transportation services, in particular to Europe.

“The best gift from Europe to Ukraine would be the recognition of our biomethane production potential and active participation in relevant projects,” said Olga Bielkova, Director of Government and International Affairs. “Already in the near future, Ukraine will have unhindered access to the markets in Europe: mutual exchange and joint implementation of ambitious plans for decarbonisation ensure that the future energy security of the EU and Ukraine will be impossible to undermine.”

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