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Green Energy Park and the State of Piauí partner for a 5 GW renewable ammonia production and export facility in Brazil

Green Energy Park and the State of Piaui, Brazil, signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) at the World Hydrogen Congress in Rotterdam for the production and export of an initial one million tonnes of ammonia from renewable energy sources.

Piaui is an emerging leader in the global hydrogen economy, producing cost-effective renewable energy from wind and solar. Green Energy Park has chosen Piaui as the first of a minimum of eight giga-watt upstream facilities to supply its global distribution network with an initial focus on European end markets. Piaui offers cost leadership for producing and exporting renewable ammonia from Brazil to Europe and elsewhere in the world.

“At Green Energy Park our objective is that each franchise member achieves bankability without public subsidies,” said Bart Biebuyck, CEO of Green Energy Park. “The world needs many more private initiatives like Green Energy Park to accelerate the energy transition and have a real impact on the decarbonisation pathway of our economy. Therefore, we welcome private parties to join our open franchise network and collaborate with us along the various parts of the hydrogen value chain. Our mission is to unite upstream, midstream and downstream facilities and coordinate the timing and scale of investment activities between our network partners. Our common goal is to decarbonise energy at competitive prices for future generations to live in prosperity and in a vibrant, healthy environment.”

According to the letter signed, the parties will perform a feasibility study for exporting renewable energy via ammonia from Piauí, Brazil to various locations around the world targeting the production and export of around 5 million tonnes of renewable ammonia per year. The renewable ammonia export destinations from Piauí will include Europe, with a focus on supplying Green Energy Park Krk, a purpose-built ammonia midstream facility at the North Adriatic Sea with a total capacity of 10 million tonnes of ammonia import, storage and distribution per year.

“With Green Energy Park Piaui, we are taking a bold step into the future. By investing in a fully decarbonised ammonia value chain, we seek to reduce the price of renewable hydrogen for downstream applications ranging from industrial heat to transport, mobility, and power,” read the press release. “We firmly believe that cost equivalence with hydrocarbons is achievable near term, through cutting-edge technology applications and engineering know-how applied at scale. Therefore, choosing to work with cost leaders in renewable energy production like Piauí is key. With our unique midstream facilities and an initial import capacity of up to 10 million tonnes of ammonia per year into Europe, we can pass on our cost advantages from efficient network infrastructure to our renewable hydrogen customers, harvesting synergies from numerous applications.”

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