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GAZ-SYSTEM hopes for close cooperation with biomethane and bioLNG sectors, Vice President says

Last Thursday (28 November), Polish gas transmission system operator GAZ-SYSTEM organised a “biomethane in the national transmission system” workshop in Warsaw, aiming to initiate discussions on establishing a biomethane market in Poland and transmitting it through the national transmission network.

“We are currently observing an increasing interest in biomethane plants in connecting to transmission and distribution networks. We try to meet the emerging market needs, not only by simplifying the necessary procedures, but also by conducting regular dialogue with all parties to the process. I hope that today’s workshops will be the beginning of close cooperation with enterprises and institutions interested in the development of the biomethane market in Poland,” said Paweł Pikus, Vice President of GAZ-SYSTEM.

The workshop was addressed to a “wide range of entities” interested in co-creating the biomethane market in Poland, including investors wanting to develop biomethane production, gas distribution system operators, infrastructure developers and companies in biomethane and bioLNG trade, GAZ-SYSTEM said in the press release.

During the workshop, participants discussed GAZ-SYSTEM’s strategy, development prospects for the biomethane market and the regulatory environment, as well as technical requirements for connecting to the network and transmitting biomethane.

At present, no biomethane plant is connected to the transmission network. However, in recent years, GAZ-SYSTEM has observed a significant increase in interest in connecting biomethane plants (an increase from one application for connection to the transmission system in 2019 to several dozen applications in 2023), the company noted in the press release.

GAZ-SYSTEM said that it is open to cooperation and any suggestions from distribution system operators and biomethane plants to develop effective practical solutions for developing Poland’s domestic biomethane market.

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