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Energy associations call for ‘green electrification’ in Polish NECP

In an open appeal letter, industry representatives from energy consumers and producers organisations and renewable energy and electromobility sectors, along with experts from think tanks, have urged the Polish government to establish a platform for dialogue and collaborative efforts to unlock the potential of green electrification (30 June).

Appropriate decisions ought to be included in the National Plan for Energy and Climate (NECP) and the Energy Policy of Poland until 2040 (PEP2040), both of which are currently being revised, the appeal letter said.

Increasing the share of electricity in sectors such as transportation and heating while expanding the use of renewable sources (ie. green electrification) is “key” in reducing Poland’s reliance on fossil fuels and curbing greenhouse gas emissions across the entire economy, the letter’s signatories underlined.

The signatories highlighted key areas crucial for the success of green electrification. Among them is a new approach to managing the development of network infrastructure, which must be based on “clear and transparent rules,” ensure flexibility and effectiveness in implementing development initiatives, and consider the long-term goal of achieving climate neutrality, the signatories said.

Additionally, green electrification relies on streamlining the issuance of permits for investments in renewables, network infrastructure, and energy storage, the letter said. This includes investments in digitisation, increasing employee count in permit-issuing institutions, simplifying procedures for investments related to repowering existing installations and incorporating target areas for renewables into national legislation.

The appeal’s signatories emphasised their willingness to constructively collaborate with public administration and other stakeholders to address the challenges of green electrification in Poland.

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