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Enel X Romania installs PV system at LTA Mondial’s oil factory

Enel X Romania, part of Enel X, the advanced energy services division of Enel Group, has installed a photovoltaic panels system on the edible oil factory of LTA Mondial company located in Baia, Romania. The investment will help the plant to reduce its annual grid energy consumption by almost 8 per cent, as well as to prevent the emissions of about 86 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.

The installed capacity of the PV system is 155.52 kilowatts (KW), generating around 188-megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity annually. The estimates show that the company will recover the investment made in the photovoltaic system in six years and four months.

“The project we have just completed with LTA Mondial is a model to follow for other companies that want to become sustainable and achieve, at the same time, a reduction of the operating costs,” said Marius Chiriac, Head of Enel X Romania.

The implementation of the photovoltaic system for LTA Mondial involved the turnkey delivery of the project by Enel X Romania, which involved the installation of 432 high-efficiency solar panels, with polycrystalline type cells, inverters, the supporting metal structure and the monitoring system.

Mr Chiriac underlined that Enel X Romania provides a wide range of customised energy efficiency solutions for companies interested in reducing electricity costs and track the estimates of energy production and consumption during the period of the investment amortisation.

Two months ago Enel X Romania launched a simulator designed for companies interested in reducing their electricity consumption and CO2 footprint, by installing a PV system on the roof or the ground.

In Romania, the Enel Group serves around 3 million business and household end-users through its supply and distribution network. Enel Romania is currently the country’s largest private investor in energy, with operations in power distribution and supply as well as renewable energy production.

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