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Enea acquires two photovoltaic farms

Polish power company Enea has purchased two photovoltaic (PV) farms with a total capacity of 12 megawatts (MW) in Tarnów (Lower Silesia voivodeship) and Tykocin (Podlaskie voivodeship) from a PV developer (23 August). 

Both farms have been operating since 2022. The farm in Tarnów has an installed capacity of 10 MW, while the farm in Tykocin has a 2 MW installed capacity.

“The development of renewable generation capacity is one of the most important tasks that the Enea Group will carry out in the coming years. We intend to not only build new photovoltaic installations, but we will also buy existing ones. Within only 1.5 years, we plan to increase our capacity installed in renewable energy sources to 1 GW [gigawatts]. The Group’s special purpose vehicles are implementing new projects for an additional several hundred MW of green energy. In 2024, we will have projects for approximately 800 MW with issued building permits,” said Lech Żak, Vice-President of Enea for Strategy and Development.

“Enea actively participates in the transformation of the energy sector and develops innovative projects and renewable energy sources. We are in the process of implementing further investments in PV installations, which will soon be included in the RES [renewable energy sources] assets of the Enea Group. Each subsequent investment is a faster increase in the potential of RES and increasing the competitiveness of the Enea Group,” added Dariusz Szymczak, Vice President of Enea for Corporate Affairs.

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