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E.ON concludes 145 contracts to install small-sized turnkey PV projects in Romania

Electricity and gas supplier E.ON Energie Romania announced that it concluded contracts with 145 local customers to build photovoltaic systems worth a total of 13 million euros. The total production of photovoltaic energy will be over 18,000 megawatts-hour (MWh) annually that will reduce CO2 emissions by over 5,600 tonnes per year.

“We support Romanian companies, institutions and residential clients to become prosumers and we are here to offer them energy solutions adapted to their needs,” said Cătălin Iordache, General Manager of E.ON Energie Romania.

“Each partnership concluded for the production of solar energy means another step for a cleaner environment, important savings by ensuring its own sources of green energy but also a source of income,” she added.

The customers will operate the facilities as prosumers – meaning that they will deliver part of the electricity to the public power grid. On-grid solar power plants, with a power between 33 and 100 KW will be able to cash in on surplus energy at a regulated price.

Within the projects, about 38,000 photovoltaic panels will be installed, the total nominal power of the photovoltaic power plants will be about 14,400 kWp and their production will be over 18,000 MWh per year matching the needs of 12,500 homes in Romania while reducing CO2 emissions by over 5,600 tonnes per year. The projects will be completed by the end of this year.

E.ON Energie Romania said it supports the projects in all stages, from planning to the operation of the photovoltaic systems. Through its division dedicated to innovative solutions, the company encourages its customers, companies, municipalities and residential customers to consume less energy, be more energy-efficient and achieve their own climate goals.

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