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DTEK Renewables starts pre-design works for new wind farm

Ukrainian energy company DTEK Renewables announced last Tuesday (31 October) that it has launched pre-design works for the Poltavska wind farm, which will be in Hlobyne, the Poltava region in southern Ukraine.

On 26 October, the company signed a trilateral agreement with the executive committee of the Hlobyne City Council and a specialised certified organisation that will provide a range of spatial planning works.

“We are looking to the future, despite the war. We are deliberately and consciously going to this region because a large, energy-deficient power plant is very much needed here. Electricity from Poltavska WPP [wind farm] will give an impetus to more rapid development of the economy in Poltava and adjacent regions,” said Oleg Solovei, Deputy Director of DTEK Renewables.

The pre-design work will involve a series of engineering and geodetic surveys, as well as the development of a territory plan. It will include preparation of an environmental assessment report and a set of land management, land cadastre and land valuation works. These works are planned to be completed by May 2024, DTEK Renewables said in a press release.

“We are very keen for DTEK Renewables to implement this ambitious project in our community and make Ukraine energy independent,” said Stanislav Dzhus, Mayor of Hlobyne.

After the spatial planning work is completed, DTEK Renewables is also planning to conduct ornithological surveys, which is a mandatory part of the preparatory pre-design work for the wind farm’s construction.

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