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Decentralised renewable energy supply is key to address climate change and improve competitiveness, says Bulgarian deputy energy minister

Decentralised renewable energy supply is one of the ways to address climate change, improve the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy and provide secure and sustainable energy supplies for citizens and businesses, said Bulgarian Deputy Energy Minister Iva Petrova at a conference held in Sofia.

Deputy Minister Petrova explained that the country’s national renewable energy policy is in line with the objectives and priorities of the European Union’s energy and climate policy, respecting commitments made under international agreements and taking into account the state and development of the sector, the socio-economic and environmental aspects.

The Ministry of Energy has mobilised a substantial financial resource to support municipalities in implementing a number of projects related to renewable energy utilisation. According to the Deputy Minister, programmes managed by the Energy Ministry support municipal pilot projects for zero-use buildings, as well as projects leading to significant energy savings in street lighting and geothermal energy utilisation in municipal buildings such as schools, nurseries and kindergartens.

Ms Petrova also stressed that Bulgaria’s Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 has a clear target of a 27 per cent share of renewable energy in final consumption by 2030.

“This target is currently being updated in the context of an increased ambition at European and national levels”, she added, noting that municipalities and active consumers are critical actors in achieving it.

The Ministry of Energy has initiated amendments to the two main pieces of legislation in the sector, the Energy from Renewable Sources Act and the Energy Act. The changes contain concrete proposals to introduce new market players such as active consumers, civic and energy communities, renewable energy communities and so on.

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